Fear Of Smell

August 13, 2014

Variation #137

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Front Cover


“A moulderin’…”

This one courtesy of Alex Sanchez, who has sought out these things like a bloodhound. I’m looking too of course, but can’t get seem to get the scent. Regardless – this is the copy that belongs to the drummer of Mouthpiece. Standard back (although I’d debate the standard back idea, as we’ve seen some weird variations like Richmond addresses, or no Only 5 Made sticker, that occur frequently enough that I’m not sure, even 100+ covers in, that there’s a standard back) . Not a big deal, because I’m sure standard back means just the track listing stickers.

Triangle corner notes pop up again, as they did in Variation #9,Variation #72 and Variation #13.

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August 2, 2014

Variation #136

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Front Cover

photo 1

Back Cover

photo 2


Always the simple one’s eh, Daniel? Someone else bought it, which would’ve been an amazing addition to the bland covers collection. Looks like Sam McPheeter’s handwriting on this one as well. This bears some resemblance to: Variation #114.

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