Fear Of Smell

October 23, 2017

Variation #168

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Annnnd Alex sent this one in too – clearly from Instagram’s yesterdaysheroes. Looks like this, and Variation #8 are closely related. From the Mike Bell(?) presents, to the quotes around Fear of Smell… oh yeah, the clincher being the 3/3 in the bottom corner. Seeing as #8 has 1/3 – someone out there, probably in California (Stamford region perhaps?) has 2/3. C’mon folks, dig through your old records and see if yours is, uh, #2.

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October 7, 2017

Variation #165

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Front Cover

“I am not fuckin’ drunk”

Crayons are a beast to try and draw hands/fingers, so fuck it, draw a mouse like creature with a flask and a cigarette. Last one from the Mid-90’s group, this one posted by Justin Sitner.

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