Fear Of Smell

January 1, 2010

Variation #59

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Front Cover

Back Cover

This e-mail submission comes courtesy of John Andrew – who tells this tale (which will be familiar to those of you who’ve been around the distro block):

I bought it when it came out from a good friend who was acting as a “distributor” of such releases. Buying in “bulk” from Vermiform then selling them for little, if any, profit. Making money off your fellow hardcore brothers and sisters was simply not acceptable behavior! His name was “basement Jason”and lived (in the basement) of the Crustee Haus in Phoenix Arizona.

Thanks John!

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September 5, 2009

Variation #22

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Front Cover

This one comes courtesy of Nate Wilson, Gloom Records magnate and all around fine person (go there and buy some of his records would ya?). Also the handwriting bears a resemblance to Variation #5, which also has Fear o’ Smell as the title. Irish? Maybe. All right, here’s the words from Nate himself:

I bought mine when it came out at a great little store called Erl records in Albany NY. I remember going there, seeing the many different covers Sam had dropped off at the shop, and picking out the one I thought was the funniest.

Years later when some of us asked Sam about the cover of the repress, his response was simple..”every good record has ham on the cover”.

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August 6, 2009

Variation #5

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Front Cover

Another ebay find, might’ve been notified to this via the thread I made about this blog on VLV. Anyways, this Fear O’ Smell is perfect for a summer day, or perhaps influencing a Brain Handle LP (pictured half way down the page) close to a decade and a half later.

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