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August 13, 2014

Variation #137

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Front Cover


“A moulderin’…”

This one courtesy of Alex Sanchez, who has sought out these things like a bloodhound. I’m looking too of course, but can’t get seem to get the scent. Regardless – this is the copy that belongs to the drummer of Mouthpiece. Standard back (although I’d debate the standard back idea, as we’ve seen some weird variations like Richmond addresses, or no Only 5 Made sticker, that occur frequently enough that I’m not sure, even 100+ covers in, that there’s a standard back) . Not a big deal, because I’m sure standard back means just the track listing stickers.

Triangle corner notes pop up again, as they did in Variation #9,Variation #72 and Variation #13.

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April 21, 2014

Variation #131

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Front Cover

photo 5


A statement, this one is. This is the fifth of five from Matt’s basement courtesy of Alex.

Yes, triangle A’s. As seen here:  Variation #42Variation #102, Variation #101 and  Variation #128. AND Variation #129. Maybe it’s time for a category for these triangle A’s.Upside down Featuring Rich Oliver sticker is an interesting choice – maybe a batch were stickered then drawn on? Either way, there’s not much to ruminate about this one.

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April 13, 2014

Variation #130

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Front Cover

photo 4


This is the fourth of five from Matt’s basement collection – courtesy of Alex, again, thanks!

The outline text of the comp title reminds me of the Misfits text cover (aka Variation #38 – note not 138, frankly that would’ve been brilliant, and had I thought about it, I should’ve held out that one for just such a clever ploy.

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April 7, 2014

Variation #129

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Front Cover

photo 3


The third of five submissions via Alex from Matt’s basement. Hey Matt, please let Alex out. It looks nice enough, but sheesh, he’s  a good dude eh? As I said not so long ago, the triangle A’s would probably strike again… and they did:  Variation #42Variation #102, and Variation #101. Oh yeah, add Variation #128 to that list as well. This one may be more closely tied to #102 and #101 as they all have that red and black combo with the triangle A’s. Kinda diggin’ on the Safeway/Yin Yang logo in the middle.

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March 30, 2014

Variation #128

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Front Cover

photo 2

Again, another find from Matt’s basement, via Alex the blog’s second in command. We’ve seen vertical lines elsewhere: Variation #118. And the triangle A’s: Variation #42, Variation #102, and Variation #101 (with 102 and 101 clearly coming from the same batch). I’m sure we’ll see these geometric hipster prognosticators defecate, I mean decorate some covers in the future. Again, plain back with the side a and side b stickers.


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February 5, 2014

Variation #123

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Front Cover


Back Cover



“Actually this record isn’t as stupid as it looks! I heard Garth Brooks thinks it’s quite groovy! If you’re in that dancing mood… buy it. FEAR OF SMELL! Yes, siree, that’s the title of it”

This one’s off of the bay, and sold for what looks like $19.99. Most excellent. Hand writing looks a lot like Variation #29 and possibly Variation #6 (look at the capital F, and the loopy lowercase L’s).

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January 15, 2014

Variation #121

Front Cover



Back Cover


Well, this is probably amongst my favourites, because Rorschach Remain Sedate is such a killer record that hit me right at the right point in the early 90’s. Took me forever to get a copy on vinyl as when the band toured around they didn’t have the vinyl yet (or had sold out on tour) and only had cassettes. There’s a whole new category for these ones, so you can sort by that to see Variation #20 and Variation #68. Yes, I do know it looks a whole hell of a lot like #68, but it’s not, look at the tape job pasting the MSPaint “Fear of Smell” – they end in different spots.

If you want and/or need it – wander on down to Double Decker Records and spend the $25 on it. Independent record stores always need your business, and Double Decker is one of the best stores on the east coast for punk and hardcore. You may even see Alex taking pictures of Fear of Smell’s that end up on here – which is what he did here!

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June 29, 2013

Variation #115

Front Cover


Back Cover



“Foot Foot Paint!”

This version spotted in the wild in a Philly record store for $30.00 by our man Alex. There’s been a few Foot Foot references: Variation #1 and Variation #72 for instance.

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March 23, 2013

Variation #113

Front Cover



“Yo! Really Rare Record Here!”

Copped from Instagram, courtesy of a concerned viewer who’s pointed me to the direction of many a cover. Do me a favour and check out yo_baby_sup on Ebay and keep him digging through crates. Kinda’ looks like the binder in high school for half the straight edge kids in my school circa 1988. Definite Turning Point 7″ feel to this.

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January 20, 2013

Variation #110


Front  Cover



So here’s the notice I got on the “About” page:

Hi there, I am liquidating my record collection this week, and I’m offering up my copy of Fear of smell.
You can my erupting penis here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170976275792

And on the actual auction here’s some more information:

Only 1000 made, and each cover a labor of pervy love. Mine is particularly clever in that it upcycles a Jack and the Beanstalk graphic so that the beanstalk has prickly haired balls and an ejaculating penis head. 20 years later, it is still hilarious- maybe even more so today.

In 1993, I was fortunate enough to be a part of the Chez Hiltz scene. There was a show about once a week in John’s house, just 5 miles away from where I lived with my mom. Some shows were easier to find out about than others, but I had the honor of getting a call when something was going on. And because of that I was able to see most of the bands featured on this comp in a tiny basement room. Native Nodd was one of the especially mind blowing bands to see live. Rorchach played there quite regularly, and my sister (12 years my junior) has cred among the twenty something Brooklynites because I would take her to those shows when she was about 4 years old, where I definitely damaged her view of the world just a little, and in the best possible way.

(track listing for the comp)

I am liquidating my record collection, holding almost nothing back, starting with LP’s. If this goes well, I’ll do 7″s next. It funny, doing this has stirred up a lot of emotions.

I’m just done serving as custodian to things. I’m simply seeking a more zen-like existence, completely focused on tattooing. So, I’m looking for new homes for this vinyl I amassed, mostly in the 90’s. These records have been safely stored for about 2 decades.

The back is a similar to most event – two tracklisting stickers and a large “Only 5 Made”. The auction picture isn’t so hot, so no sense really posting it here.

Happy new year!

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