Fear Of Smell

February 21, 2014

Variation #126

Front Cover

photo 2

Back Cover

photo 1


Here’s an e-mail submission via  Andrew.

Just saw your blog. Great idea. Here’s some pics of my copy of the record. Sorry they’re sideways!

What are the chances that the drawing is an action shot of a fart? Or… ?

Actually it looks a bit like a tiger lily to me… but maybe it’s a rorschach-test type question – it reveals much more about the viewer than it does the actual artiste. The back cover resembles the spray can work of Variation #75 and Variation #45. Maybe even Variation #11?

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October 11, 2013

Variation #118

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Front Cover



Our man on the Instagram, Alex, took this picture for Colin Tappe – fine proprietor of Standards, a record store in Vista, California. Don’t recognize the handwriting as similar to any others, and it’s got a flag-y motif.

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June 29, 2013

Variation #115

Front Cover


Back Cover



“Foot Foot Paint!”

This version spotted in the wild in a Philly record store for $30.00 by our man Alex. There’s been a few Foot Foot references: Variation #1 and Variation #72 for instance.

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January 13, 2012

Variation #100

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Front Cover

Back Cover

Here’s one that got stuck in cyberspace hell (aka my Inbox – or to riff on a Mens Recovery Project idea, a men’s room). This one was sent in way back in March. Fuck. As a bonus for waiting all that time it’s #100. It looks quite like it might’ve been hit with a shit stain. Here’s the story from the owner, Josh Baker:

Just picked this up at Smash! Records in Washington, DC. The owner played me the Rich Oliver track and I was sold.

Not only a consumer with fine taste, the store didn’t even play the best track, by Sam & Joe.

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December 3, 2011

Variation #99

Front Cover

Back Cover

Found a few stragglers in the e-mail. Sorry about that… spam and the tonne of e-mail I get on a daily basis, guess these slipped. My loss of time, is your gain. Love the ode to the Rolling Stones, or just a giant tongue. You decide.

Here’s what Greh had to say about it:

Submitting one that the record shop I work at is selling on eBay. We had it on the wall for a while and though no one bought, plenty looked at it.

This one bears a resemblance to: Variation#82, Variation #6, maybe Variation #22 and Variation #29. Also, if your record store is selling one, link to your store as well. People who collect records want to know!

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September 13, 2011

Variation #96

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Front Cover

Back Cover

This submission comes courtesy of Shivaun – here’s what was said:

Awesome project and really cool blog. I love looking through all the different cover variations. Mine is a pretty tame fingerpainted one with some wacky text organization. I got this from a set sale on a message board a couple years ago for like $15.

Seems like this pattern has struck before – some similarities in the other painted ones for sure. If you’re interested in pursuing this avenue of painting please refer to these examples: Variation #77, Variation #72, Variation #16 or Variation#31.

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August 12, 2011

Variation #95

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Front Cover

Surely this is another sun-like masterpiece? What is it about the mid-90’s hardcore aesthetic that was so fascinated with the sun? So many ads for so many labels that featured the sun in various tribal configurations. Never mind the fact I have a very small tattoo of a sun on my back that was put there in the mid-90’s?  Either way, got this in the e-mail the other day, from Michael:

Here’s my copy of Fear of Smell, which I recently acquired. My local record dealer, Phil Spectacle, who used to who have shop here in Vancouver and also used to promote gigs, found this at a yard sale between some really badly warped records.  Luckily this one and the few around it were in good condition.  It looks like it was painted by the same Dave guy who did the volcano one that’s on ebay right now.


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June 8, 2011

Variation #93

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Front Cover

Back Cover

I haven’t been keeping up with ebay at all, which is totally due to the fact I have zero cash. Anyways, a dim rememberence that I should check it out once in a while, has yielded this gem. It could be a yeti eating a hot dog dropped from the sky, or perhaps a volcano exploding. It’s currently on ebay here if you have a hole burning in your pocket with the $350 buy it now offer on the table. I would be an asshole and offer 1/10th of the price, but well I guess I’m not that much of an ass. Either way, great cover, good restart to the blog.  This cover has similarities between it and #24, #16 and #10.

Quick follow up note:

Hey there!
I was going on about how much I wanted a FOS to my girlfriend a while ago and she went and bought me version 93 on ebay!

You gotta love rich benefactresses!
I think she got it for about 70 dollars, thats only about 30 in pounds.
This one has a secret message scratched around the sticker on the vinyl with a pin or something.
It reads:


At first I thought this was crusty latin but an internet anagram thing helped me translate it to:
phone secret fos number midnights fullmoon
Collect. sixhundred sixtysix dollars prize

I guess there isn’t really a prize but the message is cool enough, I used to hide secret messages in the back of all the cds I borrowed so this is super cool to me.,
Once I get another camera (broken) I’ll comment on the blog with pictures of the message.
So yeah #93 lives in Scotland now though It’ll move back to Ireland with me eventually, all animals go home to die 😀

Thanks for the FOS documentation you rule!!!


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September 25, 2010

Variation #85

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Front Cover

Back Cover

Another cover, similar in form to Variation #32.

Here’s what Brad Wallace had to say about it:

Here’s another copy for your blog. Pretty sure I traded for this copy with my friend around 97/98. Don’t remember what record I traded but I kind of think it was some other comp that I felt was musically inferior, but he needed for some sort of collection completion.

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July 25, 2010

Variation #77

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Front Cover

“Planetary and Binary System” sounds like someone was doing some reading. Here’s what Justin, who has some loose affiliation with Sounds From The Pocket, had to say about his copy:

I got mine in what might have been 93 or 94, from Gavin aka
stickfigure distro, at some show at Somber Reptile in Atlanta Georgia.

price tag that i tried to remove back in the day says 5.50

Apparently Stickfiguredistro is still going. I haven’t ordered from them in probably seven or eight years… I should rectify that.

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