Fear Of Smell

July 30, 2010

Variation #78

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Front Cover

Back Cover

“Copyright 1952”

So here’s a return to the recent past – haven’t had a plain one in a bit, but it’s always refreshing to get one…. handwriting doesn’t really look like any of the others. Well, maybe the Ebullition ones? Here’s what Ben had to say about this find:

Found this a couple of months ago at a Cheapo store in Blaine, Minnesota.  Knew nothing about it really, just thought it looked interesting.  From what I can tell it looks like “featuring Rich Oliver” sticker was placed on the jacket ripped purposely and not from someone trying to peel it off.

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July 25, 2010

Variation #77

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Front Cover

“Planetary and Binary System” sounds like someone was doing some reading. Here’s what Justin, who has some loose affiliation with Sounds From The Pocket, had to say about his copy:

I got mine in what might have been 93 or 94, from Gavin aka
stickfigure distro, at some show at Somber Reptile in Atlanta Georgia.

price tag that i tried to remove back in the day says 5.50

Apparently Stickfiguredistro is still going. I haven’t ordered from them in probably seven or eight years… I should rectify that.

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