Fear Of Smell

September 21, 2017

Variation #164

Filed under: Fear Of Smell,Featuring Rich Oliver,hand drawn — Jon K. @ 7:17 am

Front Cover

“A Blah Blah

A Woof Woof

A Pronoun”

Bubble letters – red and green marker,

From Facebook and Harls In Charge.

A shitty haiku.

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September 12, 2017

Variation #163

Filed under: Fear Of Smell,Featuring John Woods,hand drawn — Jon K. @ 10:16 pm

Front Cover

“Someone thought this was a good idea.”

Marc Arsenault sent this one in and I sat on it for a while (actually this post is probably back dated, so didn’t appear on the date it says it did, who the fuck cares?). I have no clue what this cover is getting at, although I’d suspect this might have come from the New Jersey crew of the Vermiform allied folks (Merel were from Jersey, no?). The S in the “someone” looks like from the Skeptix “…So The Youth” LP (on the notorious Rock-O-Rama label, but Skeptix were not a nazi band in any way).

And the pavement is grey duct tape, but chunks, not one solid piece. If it were a piece of modern art (and, fuck it, it might be) I’d say it has a lot going on.

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