Fear Of Smell

February 21, 2014

Variation #126

Front Cover

photo 2

Back Cover

photo 1


Here’s an e-mail submission via  Andrew.

Just saw your blog. Great idea. Here’s some pics of my copy of the record. Sorry they’re sideways!

What are the chances that the drawing is an action shot of a fart? Or… ?

Actually it looks a bit like a tiger lily to me… but maybe it’s a rorschach-test type question – it reveals much more about the viewer than it does the actual artiste. The back cover resembles the spray can work of Variation #75 and Variation #45. Maybe even Variation #11?

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February 18, 2014

Variation #125

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Front Cover



Another one from ebay via Popsike. This one sold for $39 in April 2013. Someone sent a kiss with this LP, probably for their love of the Man Is The Bastard track, or even Sam and Joe.  I’m surprised at the amount of tape I’ve seen on covers to this point, it seemed that tape rather than glue was a common fixatif. Maybe all the glue was huffed before it could’ve been applied to the covers?

Again, if you have this copy you should send a better picture with the back cover as well.

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February 6, 2014

Variation #124

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Front Cover



Here’s another one that got missed from ebay – courtesy of Popsike – German seller, got 21 Euros for it in 2010. This one’s a bit unique in that the title is centred – most of the Rorschach recycles are over the Rorschach part of the sleeve. If you bought it, feel free to send a better picture.

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February 5, 2014

Variation #123

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Front Cover


Back Cover



“Actually this record isn’t as stupid as it looks! I heard Garth Brooks thinks it’s quite groovy! If you’re in that dancing mood… buy it. FEAR OF SMELL! Yes, siree, that’s the title of it”

This one’s off of the bay, and sold for what looks like $19.99. Most excellent. Hand writing looks a lot like Variation #29 and possibly Variation #6 (look at the capital F, and the loopy lowercase L’s).

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