Fear Of Smell

August 25, 2010

Variation #81

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Front Cover

Back Cover

“Ted you be fearin’ the smell?”

“Yo man, I be fearin’ that smell!”

This came from a Buy It Now auction that eventually went for a best offer of $98.  Here’s what the auctioneer had to write about it:

There are 2 pressings, 1000 hand drawn originals (a database http://fearofsmell.robotvsrobot.com of covers is available online!) and 1,441 second pressings with the same cover. 2,441 made total. This is the original copy with a hand drawn cover. Black vinyl with yellow label. Comes with insert. This is very rare and increasing in value and notoriety every day!!

Thanks for the plug and the correct information – it’s funny how many of the auctions out there try to blow one by the people – saying only five made with this cover, or the classic only five made total, then get no bids. $98 is a bit of a head scratcher, but hey, not my money and if I had it to spend and didn’t have a pretty decent copy of the comp, I’d spend it. Especially for a copy with an parka wearing “Ted”.

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August 20, 2010

Variation #80

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Front Cover

So this is a beaut! Handwriting that I’ve never seen, real crisp cover, soon to be yours over the ebay machine.

Here’s what Kevin Tomorrow ( I always hated 7 Seconds) has to say about it a month ago when he submitted it:

Hey There!
Here is a picture of my copy of the comp, very very basic, they just
wrote the name backwards. I do believe this is one of the ones that
Kent McClard did, as it still has the insert for his BY-PRODUCT MAIL
ORDER in it. THe back is typical of the others, ONLY 5 MADE &
FEATURING RICH OLIVER!! stickers. I got this in a used section of a
local record stuff almost 10 years ago for something stupid like $8.
Also i am putting it up on Ebay with a bunch of other records.

-kevin tomorrow

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August 16, 2010

Facebook Group

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I’m a little ahead of the curve in social media – but I’ve never liked Facebook particularly – yeah, I have the account because well, everyone else does. So if you are a Facebook type person, who likes groups and pages and all sorts of things, feel free to join the group for the Fear of Smell comp/blog. Things will appear here first, and I will periodically link to stuff over there. Also, it’s more for folks that want to share and talk about the covers that are up. Anyone can post and it’s all out in the open.

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August 9, 2010

Variation #79

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Front Cover

Ahhh, just when you think the well has dried up, someone else is a kind soul and finds another copy and sends it in. Handwriting on this one looks like Variation #6, Variation #17 and Variation #47. Marker and crayon, gotta wonder if there was an attempt to draw something, then scribbled out, or just scribbled… or maybe that’s just me wondering.

Here’s what Samantha wrote about it, and I hope whatever Amoeba overcharged, you get paid back in karma and Internet fame. The good kind of Internet fame, not some scuzzy paparazzi upskirt shot while you’re drunk. Unless you think that’s good… then god speed.

The jacket is split, the vinyl is scuffed, the crayon/marker artwork sucks, and Amoeba [Hollywood] priced it as if there really were only five copies.. but it was missing from your blog so I thought I’d pick it up. Enjoy!

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August 2, 2010


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Hi all – blowin’ spots again. Seems that there’s a copy up on ebay for $119 buy-it-now. So if you missed the $4000 Fix “Vengeance” console your bank book by buying this copy.

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