Fear Of Smell

August 16, 2010

Facebook Group

Filed under: Service Notice — Jon K. @ 7:39 am

I’m a little ahead of the curve in social media – but I’ve never liked Facebook particularly – yeah, I have the account because well, everyone else does. So if you are a Facebook type person, who likes groups and pages and all sorts of things, feel free to join the group for the Fear of Smell comp/blog. Things will appear here first, and I will periodically link to stuff over there. Also, it’s more for folks that want to share and talk about the covers that are up. Anyone can post and it’s all out in the open.

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February 6, 2010

Photohosting Is Moving

Filed under: Service Notice — Jon K. @ 10:57 am

Found out today that Photobucket deleted one of my photos, without really any reason. Sure, it said “Fuck” on it, but that isn’t against their terms of service. So basically, Photobucket sucks. What also sucks is that I had to resort to a couple hacked ways to get my photos off their service. Fuck that too. So I encourage all of you who are using Photobucket, if you value freedom of expression, host it yourself, or use another service.

So if you notice that a photo is missing or has a terms of service violation, let me know and I’ll fix the links as quick as possible. There might be some interruptions in service, and well, that’s a bad.

EDIT: OK, two hours, a bunch of bullshit, a playlist including the new stellar Low Threat Profile 7″ EP, N/N Policia song, Kikeiji and Killing Joke – Eighties later you should see all the correct photos, now hosted locally. We’ll see if this really bungs up the server.

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