Fear Of Smell

March 29, 2010

Variation #70

Front Cover

Back Cover

Here’s a tasty treat to finish off March, and the current NHL season where the Leafs are yet again fucked for life. From John Steinheimer:

This F.O.S. was given to me personally by Charles Maggio of Rorschach.

The record itself is a test pressing with a white label.

The front cover depicts a hockey goalie fending off a slap shot from centre ice.

The goalie’s jersey has “McP” on it.

The back cover depicts a graveyard with ascending zombie.

The side one label has a pair of television “rabbit ears” antenna.

“Only 5 made” gold sticker and a featuring John Woods! sticker.

Well, finally another one comes in, hopefully that means more are on the way folks – I don’t care if they’re plain as plain can be – like Pokemon, gotta collect (pictures) of them all. So, get your five minutes of fame, shortened for the Internet attention span.

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March 14, 2010

Variation #69

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Front Cover

Back Cover

Well, for #69, I was hoping fate would smile on me and give me something sexual to deal with, instead I get a picture with some folks from the 50’s and Unity on it. Oh well. The rest of the bit transcribed:

the Paravine Liberation Organization Inc. strongly supports all involved with the production of fear of smell compilation, please send all soy by-products and empty plastic containers to your fucking own house.

This one comes from Justin, who was and is on the WITBAWDTSL board. Thanks!

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March 8, 2010

Variation #68

Front Cover

This one comes from Sex/Vid magnate RJ. No I don’t know what magnate means either, or why someone who has a bunch of sexual videos would want to be one either. Maybe it’s a good thing? Either way, here’s another leftover Remain Sedate cover, much like Variation #20. Like I said over there, it’s one of my favourite covers because let’s face it, Remain Sedate is one of my favourite records. Think I ran through about five copies of the dubbed tape.

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