Fear Of Smell

August 22, 2018

Variation #173

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Front Cover

Back Cover

This one was posted on Instagram by Matt Needles, who’s contributed before, if I remember correctly! A plain one, but with joined “L”s, which is quirky. Love the autumn palette of colors.

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August 10, 2018

Variation #172

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Front Cover

From Land and Sea Oakland’s Instagram page.  Clearly a riff on, uhhh, the name’s escaping me now, Killing Time? Oh yeah, Rest In Pieces.  Will post better pictures if they ever come a knockin’. Interesting that someone in the Vermiform circle chose to do a cover based on Rest In Pieces who were associated with Sick Of It All, who at the time were at odds, particularly with Sam McPheeters over some criticism he levied at them for being on a “major” label. In hindsight I’m sure that both sides would agree it was ridiculous, but hey, that was the puritanical 90’s (some of which was good).


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