Fear Of Smell

August 1, 2009

My Personal Copy

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So this is my copy, the one I traded for with John Lund around 1998. I think I arranged this trade out front of a house show with Spazz and Society of Friends. If it was that show, I flipped out on some kid in a backpack and umbrella who was dancing like he was having a seizure. The end result was me getting jabbed with his umbrella in the gut a bunch of times. I don’t really recall the bands, but I did like Society of Friends a lot back then, and still do.

That aside aside… cut and paste cover which don’t seem to pop up that often. Fear of Smell spelled “Fear of Smel”, don’t know if that’s the result of one of the cut and paste l’s falling off or not. There’s a couple of other variations of the name spelling (Feer of Smell being one of the more popular). Also has black electrical tape around the edges in what only could be an ode to MRR’s cataloging their records with green duct tape.

Front Cover

Back Cover

Back cover is pretty traditional for the comp – Gold “Only 5 Made” sticker on one side, Neon Red “Featuring John Woods!” sticker on the other.

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  1. […] who didn’t have much to say about it. Strikes me that the collage work is very similar to my copy, with the giant spray painted “shit” on the back might be a relatively early offering […]

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