Fear Of Smell

August 12, 2009

Variation #8

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Front Cover:


So, trolling for pictures I looked for this in 2007 on Flickr. Obviously KZSU’s copy with a lengthy description that follows:

I suppose this is somehow related to “Fear of Pop Music: – but this is mch more thematic – I hate America. Perhaps ” Fear of America: might be a better name? This entire album deserves a listen, but playable standouts are: 1/2 ambient jazz noise w/spooky whispering. 1/3 High speed industrive-noise-dance Very cool ends wi/ orabj ogibe cakk, 1/4 actually starts w/ end  of 1/3 after phone call. Driving screaming hardcore. 1/6 (actually 1/5) Sugarshock – ver cool, pounding, thrashy, screamy. 1/7 (actually 1/6) spoken word about “post-everything. Unamused, annoyed voice. Very cool. 1/8 (latter 1/2 of 1/7) Harcore, thrashy.

Side 2: 2/2 Cookie monster on speed. Perfect grind/hardcore. 2/4 Kiss tribute spoken word. Ha! 2/6 (Merel) Screaming, thrashing fades into Moss Icon spoken word. 2/8 Sam & Joe dorky circus music accompanies tandem rantings about life in this great country of ours. Play! Most of these tracks are great. Play all!

Then in blue pen: This fucking rules!

Looks like Mike Bell is presenting the Fear of Smell… hope he didn’t eat bad clams. That could be pungent. Here’s the original link for those curious to track down more info.  Thanks to smurf415 for uploading it to Flickr and keeping it there.

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