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August 15, 2009

Variation #10

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Front and Back Cover

This cover comes courtesy of Zeno Marx – posted over on the WITBAWDTSL board. Is it an hair extension factory gone wrong? Is it a volcano exploding? Is it Sideshow Bob hiding behind a tree stump? I guess we’ll have to live with these questions being unanswered in our lives. Nice pentagram at the bottom though.

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  1. […] The brown splatter on the right hand side of the picture looks a little like it might be related to Variation #10. Maybe not, but that’s the purpose of this blog, rank speculation. Comments (0) • […]

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  2. […] three, but apparently my notes were wrong, so Leo week continues. This one resembles the other paint jobs we’ve seen (complete with a bit of finger painting it looks like in the brown… stuff? at the bottom of […]

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