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October 18, 2009

Variation #48

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Front Cover

Back Cover

Here’s another one, this time with a good story. This copy belongs to Wedge, drummer for 9 Shocks Terror, Inmates and somehow tied to every decent Cleveland band to exist since the 90’s. Also keep an eye out for this one on Ebay, as that’s where it’s headed. Check his account for some auction action.

This is what Wedge e-mailed me to say about this copy:

bought this at a Born Against show, Mama Joe’s Pizza, Kent, Ohio. sometime in spring(??) 1993. I think this was possibly Born Against’s last show?? Anyways, its got the “featuring Rich Oliver!!” & “Only 5 made!!” stickers on the back. The back is smeared with pink/red lipstick. There were 3 people who weren’t band members at the merch table, and they were all hand-drawing the sleeves right there & then putting them in the crates. One person was using lipstick on theirs, and that’s how the sleeve got smeared. I’ve seen a couple others on your blog that have this as well; presumambly from the same batch. I was shootin the breeze with Sam after their set and he mentioned he had quit writing for MRR just recently. I threatened to give him this LP back in protest. He started laughing his ass off, but those around witnessing this didn’t find it funny at all & were giving me some strange looks as a result. This record kinda exemplifies the demise of the Hard Core Compilation, to me anyways. There’s some really great bands on this LP, but they all sounded like throw-away’s & left-over tracks to me. I think i only ever really listened to the between track phone calls & that thing about Kiss after the one time i ever played it thru…just my opinion…

I think there’s a couple with that weird orange tape on them, including Variation #27 and Variation #17 Strangely, that #27 has poop on it too. Clearly an undiagnosed Scheiße-fetish.

EDIT: Wedge got $9.99 for it on ebay on October 26, 2009.

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