Fear Of Smell

May 16, 2010

Variation #72

Front Cover

Back Cover

Here’s another reference to “Foot Foot” (see top right corner). This copy comes courtesy of Jon Hiltz – who of course was the drummer of Born Against and later in Computer Cougar as well.  As advertised, a fine “Compilation of Band” (or perhaps Eat Shit or Fuck Off). Here’s what Jon wrote about it:

since i was a denizen of the vermiform universe at the time, i can offer quite a bit of insight.
i’m pretty sure adam did this cover, but it could just have been someone else copping his style.
comes from the first round of covers, just picked the one i wanted. i remember the christmas-garland/spraypaint ones quite vividly; chris leo had a lot to do with those as i recall. also present at said party were joe martin and john ariz, probably some others.

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