Fear Of Smell

December 3, 2011

Variation #99

Front Cover

Back Cover

Found a few stragglers in the e-mail. Sorry about that… spam and the tonne of e-mail I get on a daily basis, guess these slipped. My loss of time, is your gain. Love the ode to the Rolling Stones, or just a giant tongue. You decide.

Here’s what Greh had to say about it:

Submitting one that the record shop I work at is selling on eBay. We had it on the wall for a while and though no one bought, plenty looked at it.

This one bears a resemblance to: Variation#82, Variation #6, maybe Variation #22 and Variation #29. Also, if your record store is selling one, link to your store as well. People who collect records want to know!

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