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March 11, 2012

Variation #101

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Front Cover

Back Cover

As I listen to Abwarts, and check e-mail, this one came through and I thought, “Fuck. For the children, and the children’s children… I haven’t updated in a long fucking time.” So here’s the update. According to Alex:

here’s the copy i traded my arse bagel creativity cover for. came out of max ward’s shit.
Which makes me want to yell two things… “MAX WARD HAS THE CLEANEST ASSHOLE EVER” and “TRADE UPDATE” as if I was on TSN waiting for the GMs of the NHL to make a trade to justify the existence of Trade Deadline hockey updates on not one but four channels. Also, it would be remiss of me to not mention the fabulous Infest blog has been added to the Blogroll (as well as a couple other blogs that are dedicated to the nerditry of record collecting punk records). Do your work productivity a favor and hit up those blogs, leave some comments and participate. Speaking of participation, if you have a copy of the comp that hasn’t been seen yet (or if it has, throw a comment on the copy you own!) submit it. It’s lonely over here….

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